As a major producer of specialty chemicals we supply industries worldwide with essential quality ingredients. We are passionate about introducing new ideas and developing sustainable answers for our customers in a vast number of applications.

We offer reliable solutions for applications in industries such as building, construction, paint, food, healthcare, mining and oilfield. Our well-known product brands include Akucell® , Bermocoll®, Bermocell™, Depramin® , ELOTEX® , Peridur® , Gabroil™, Gabrosa™ and Staflo®.

Besides our cellulose ethers we offer specialty polymers, redispersible polymer powders and specialty additives specifically for building and construction applications.

Applications for cellulose ethers

Building and Construction

Build better with cellulose ethers, redispersible polymer powders and specialty additives.


High-performance polymers for water-based drilling fluids


Akucell® cellulose gum is a widely used ingredient for beverages and processed food.

Health & Personal Care

Akucell anionic water-soluble polymers improve wound care and cosmetics


Improve purity of valuable minerals and get a positive effect on downstream processes.


Reliable Bermocoll® and Bermocell® rheology solutions for paint and coatings

Wallpaper Adhesives

Better wallpaper adhesion with Gabrosa sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

Our cellulose ethers product brands

Akucell® Cellulose Gum

Improves any kind of processed food formulations

Bermocell® CMC Cellulose Ethers

A high quality CMC used to create thick water-based paints with excellent stability.

Bermocoll® Cellulose Ethers

A proud heritage of improving paints and constructions.

Depramin® CMC Cellulose Ethers

Polymeric depressants for application in mineral froth flotation.

ELOTEX® for Modern Drymix Mortars

ELOTEX® redispersible polymer powders for cement, lime or gypsum-based drymix mortar.

Gabroil® PAC Cellulose Ethers

Gabroil HV and Gabroil LV are suitable for use under less severe conditions or where economic aspects dominate

Gabrosa™ CMC Cellulose Ethers

High-quality viscosifier for drilling, adhesives, paper, paint and ceramics.

Peridur® Cellulose Ethers

Organic binder for agglomeration of iron ore pellets

Staflo® Premium PAC Grades

High purity PAC grades for water-based drilling fluids – vital for reducing fluid loss.

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