Vital components for drilling fluid systems

Experts in the drilling industry such as operators, contractors, and mud service companies, know the importance of high-quality drilling fluid components for the success of their operations. We can provide both purified and industrial grade products to enhance drilling operations.

Water-based drilling fluids are becoming more common as an environmentally acceptable alternative to oil-based systems. Our carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and polyanionic cellulose (PAC) grades are vital components providing fluid loss reduction to drilling fluid systems. We are one of the few companies that supplies both industrial and purified CMC and PAC grades to the oilfield/drilling industry.

Depending on the grade, CMCs and the closely related PACs can also make an important contribution to the viscosity and the shale inhibitive properties of the drilling fluid.

High performance polymers

Our high performance polymers; Staflo®, Gabroil® and Gabrosa™ represent a comprehensive range of PAC and CMC grades to meet the requirements of the drilling fluid systems for the oilfield industry: The Staflo grades are premium high purity PAC grades and the Gabroil and Gabrosa can be economically attractive alternatives for drilling applications that do not require high purity PAC or CMC.

Function of drilling fluids:

  • Cooling and lubrication of the bit and the drill string
  • Transport of drilled solids and cuttings to the surface
  • Protection of the bore hole and the formation drilled
  • Maximizing of the penetration rate

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