Small additives make a big difference

Our cellulose ethers are used as thickeners, stabilizers and water retaining agents for water-based decorative paints and coatings.

Our Bermocoll non-ionic cellulose ethers are available in a wide range of viscosities and a variety of modified grades – everything to enable our customers to choose the required application viscosity for their paint. Bermocoll is used in textured paint, chemical plaster, flat paint, satin paint, semi-gloss paint and multicolored paint.

When we manufacture Bermocoll, the cellulose reacts with different substituents such as methyl, ethyl, hydroxyethyl, or hydrophobic groups. This process is called etherification and it makes Bermocoll water soluble.

  • Bermocoll® E grades are ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose ethers
  • Bermocoll® EM grade is an ethyl methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose ether, and is a high efficiency thickener
  • Bermocoll® EBS and EBM grades are ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose ethers and ethyl methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose ethers which are resistant to enzymatic attack
  • Bermocoll® EHM grades are hydrophobically modified grades resistant to enzymatic attack
  • Bermocoll® Prime are high performance ethyl methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose ethers with optimal rheology profile and superior colorant compatibility

Bermocoll® product portfolio paint grades



Performance advantages

Standard grades

Bermocoll E 230 FQ
Bermocoll E 320 FQ

- Low viscous grades
- Max open time
- Leveling
- High application viscosity

Biostable grades

Bermocoll EBS 351 FQ
Bermocoll EBS 451 FQ
Bermocoll EBS 481 FQ
Bermocoll EBM 5500
Bermocoll EBM 8000
Bermocoll EBM 10000

- High viscosity grades
- Outstanding enzyme resistance
- High PVC formulations like joint compounds, distempers and putties
- Low foaming with excellent storage stability and color acceptance

High performance grades

Bermocoll Prime 1000
Bermocoll Prime 1500
Bermocoll Prime 2500
Bermocoll Prime 3500

- Advanced color compatibility and rheology control
- Optimal rheology profile
- Versatile

Associative grades

Bermocoll EHM 200
Bermocoll EHM 300
Bermocoll EHM 500

- Low spatter
- Good leveling
- Enhanced brushing viscosity

High performing associative grades

Bermocoll EHM Extra

- Outstanding coverage and film build
- Superior storage stability
- Good application properties: spatter and sag resistance

Bermocell CMC

Bermocell is a high quality CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) that can be used in waterborne paints. Our special grade Bermocell 30000 has a pH-controlled dissolution behaviour.

Bermocell is perfect in paints with very high pH such as silicate paints.

Products for paint

Bermocoll application areas