The versatile chemistry of the Bermocoll® thickeners provides improved interaction within the multicolor paint (MCP) system, allowing for the latex, the thickener and the laponite to combine in order to produce the desired gel strength.

What is multicolored paint (MCP)?

Water-in-water multicolor paint (MCP) is a two-phase system of multi-colored droplets dispersed in a continuous latex phase. When sprayed onto a surface, the MCP can imitate natural stone materials such as granite or marble. The texture of the surface can be modified by including sand into the MCP, or by modifying the hardness of the color droplets.  Compared with stone paint, MCP greatly reduces the environmental impact from the sourcing of the naturally occurring colored sand. Multi-colored paints have high weather resistance and are economical thanks to their low weight

No additional thickener required

Thanks to the multifunctional chemistry of the Bermocoll, a limited number of products alone or in combination is able to give the desired properties to a variety of MCP systems.

Bermocoll EBM 3000, as a standalone product or in combination with Bermocoll EHM 500, will suit a broad range of multicolor paint applications, complimented by Bermocoll EBM 8000 as a cost-efficient alternative and Bermocoll EBS 481 FQ as a standard grade.

With Bermocoll as the cellulose ether thickener, there is no need for additional thickener in the MCP base paint.

MCP färgad mur_02_copy.jpg

The benefits of Bermocoll® in multicolor paint are:

  • Outstanding versatility
  • Optimized gel strength
  • Inhibits color migration
  • Prevents droplet agglomeration
  • Enhanced color development
  • Excellent anti-water whitening properties
  • Superior storage and transport stability

Recommended Bermocoll® portfolio for multicolor paint

Bermocoll® Chemistry Viscosity (mPa·s)* Key application properties
Bermocoll EBM 3000 MEHEC 2000-3000 High performance grade, versatile
Bermocoll EHM 500 HM-EHEC 7000-10000 Gel strength adjustor
Bermocoll EBM 8000 MEHEC 7000-9000 Lower dosage, efficient thickening properties
Bermocoll EBS 481 FQ EHEC 4000-6000 Standard grade

*1% aqueous solution at 20°C (68F) with Brookfield viscosimeter type LV at speed of 12 rpm.

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