Gabrosa cellulose ether adhesives apply easily, exhibit excellent wet tack and positioning properties, have a more than sufficient open time and adhere to all kinds of surfaces.The Gabrosa granular grades are characterized by a lump-free dispersion and fast dissolution in water.

Gabrosa is our sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (NaCMC or simply CMC) for use in wallpaper adhesives. Gabrosa is produced by reacting cellulose with sodium monochloroacetate to give a water soluble CMC with excellent adhesion properties.

Gabrosa for wallpaper adhesives is a granular product, dissolving readily without lump formation. Our cellulose ethers are delivered as an off-white, nontoxic almost odorless product. A variety of grades are available with excellent handling and adhesion properties designed to deal with all kinds of wallpaper and surfaces.

Gabrosa adhesives can be applied easily with a brush or pasting machine, exhibit excellent wet tack and (re-)positioning properties, have a more than sufficient open time with strong adhesion to all kinds of surfaces.

Nouryon is supplier of blister-free wallpaper adhesives. Due to their excellent properties the base products can be used as a standalone adhesive.

To optimize requirements the Gabrosa grades can also be used in blends.

Gabrosa products for wallpaper adhesives

Gabrosa™ CMC Cellulose Ethers

High-quality viscosifier for drilling, adhesives, paper, paint and ceramics.

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