Enhancing quality with Akucell®

In various food formulations, Akucell® cellulose gum significantly enhances quality by acting as a thickener and stabilizer. Akucell® can also control crystallization, improve moisture retention and reduce fat uptake. Selecting the right ingredients is crucial to achieve the optimal composition for your product.

Performance advantages of Akucell

Akucell is the trademark of Nouryon's food-grade cellulose gums, which is one of the most comprehensive ranges in the world. Cellulose gum is an additive that is approved for use in any kind of processed food formulations and has a wide range of applications.

Main food applications

Akucell® performance advantages

Processed meat
Sausages, hot dogs, hams, hamburgers

  • Improves texture
  • Improves yield

  • Improves bite

  • Reduces syneresis

  • Can be used in allergen-free products

Fruit preparation
Drinks, preserves

  • Distributes fruit pulp in a uniform way

  • Stabilizes proteins

  • Releases flavor

  • Imparts texture through gel properties

Donuts, dough products, meringues, tortilla

  • Controls batter viscosity

  • Increases volume

  • Prevents oil absorption

  • Retains moisture

  • Prolongs freshness

  • Improves freeze / thaw stability

  • Inhibits syneresis in meringues

  • Improves process efficiency

Dry mixes: Hot chocolate, cappuccino, breakfast, energy and sport drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, squashes

  • Improves “mouth feel”

  • Adds body

  • Enhances flavors

  • Prevents oil-ring formation

Liquid preparations:
Milk, fruit and diet drinks

  • Improves “mouth feel”

  • Adds body

  • Stabilizes proteins

  • Suspends solids

  • Enhances flavors

Ice cream, milkshakes, puddings, sherbets as a basic stabilizer

  • Improves “mouth feel”

  • Gels and thickens

  • Improves syneresis

  • Stabilizes proteins

  • Controls the formation of ice crystals, imparting a smoother texture

  • Inhibits sandiness by retarding the formation of lactose crystals

Salad dressings, condiments, soups and sauces

  • Improves “mouth feel”

  • Adds body

  • Suspends solids

  • Improves temperature stability

Syrups, toppings and icings

  • Thickens

  • Improves flow control

  • Prevents sugar crystallization

  • Inhibits migration into pancakes, waffles and toast

  • Improves “mouth feel”

  • Instant/quick cook cereals

Pasta, noodles

  • Improves sensory properties

  • Improves texture and firmness of noodle

  • Strengthens gluten network

  • Prolongs freshness / shelf life

  • Reduces oil uptake during frying

  • Eliminates the need to cook the cereal (just add hot water)

  • Reduces sogginess during cooking

Diet foods

  • Prevents syneresis

  • Thickens without adding calories

  • Simulates texture of fats/oils resulting in improved “mouth feel”

White wines

  • Prevents tartaric acid crystal growth

  • Provides long-term stability in wines

  • Prevents the use of time-consuming and expensive cooling procedures

Yogurt, milk beverages, processed cheese, spreadable cheese

  • Prevents casein precipitation at low pH and high temperatures

  • Introduces improved “mouth feel” to specific instant products like cappuccino and chocolate powders

  • Interacts with milk proteins

  • Increase the protein binding in processed cheeses

  • Reduces syneresis

Akucell® in health care

Akucell can also be used in a variety of health care and personal care formulations like:

  • Oral care: toothpaste, denture adhesives and mouth water
  • Wound care: plasters, wound gels
  • Skin care: makeup products, sunscreens, moisturizing serums, body lotions
  • Hair care: shampoos, gels, hair conditioners 

Akucell applications