High quality CMC for water-based paints

Bermocell is a high quality CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) that can be used to create thicker water-based paints with excellent storage stability. We are extra proud of our special grade Bermocell 30000 that has a very fast, pH-controlled, behaviour.

Our Bermocell grades

All our Bermocell grades are based on cellulose, coming from wood or cotton. They are granular grades characterized by a lump free dispersion and fast dissolution in water. Paints with Bermocell provides efficient thickening and excellent storage stability with no syneresis.

Bermocell 30000 is a special grade having a very fast, pH controlled dissolution behavior. It has improved rheological properties and at the same time is a stabilizer and water-retaining agent.

This grade is easily dispersed in cold water at pH8 or less. After dispersion the pH should be increased to a level of 10 or higher to achieve complete dissolution. The conditions in silicate paints with very high pH are perfect for the dissolving of Bermocell.

Performance advantages:

- Perfect dissolution properties for high pH
- Increased water retention
- Efficient thickening and good stability

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