High-performing CMC for paper surface treatment, mining, fabric care, textile and more

FINNFIX® CMC brand is used in a range of industrial applications, such as paper surface treatment, mining, fabric care, textile and ceramics. FINNFIX CMC is utilized as a thickener and rheology modifier in many applications.

Rheology Modification

In paper coating applications, selecting the right FINNFIX solution will help the manufacturer to adjust the rheology to different shear conditions such as pumping, mixing, screening and metering. In textile applications, sizing pick-up can be adjusted by using different FINNFIX grades to correct the rheology of a sizing solution.

Water Retention and Binding

In addition to rheology modification, FINNFIX grades provide good water retention and for this reason FINNFIX is used to control water and material movement to anchor the coating to its base and additionally ensure a high quality of the coated surface. Good water binding capability is also an important functionality when FINNFIX CMC is used to provide green strength in ceramic applications.

Surface Activity 

The anionic nature of FINNFIX CMC provides surface active benefits in multiple applications such as mining flotation and fabric care (anti-redeposition). Anti-redeposition ensures that the dirt which has been removed from soiled clothes will not re-attach to the clean surface.

Film Formation

Film forming properties of FINNFIX CMCs are of importance when a glazing is formed on a ceramic tile or a barrier layer is formed on a paper surface. A continuous CMC film can provide excellent oil and grease resistance in barrier coating applications.