Gabroil® cost-effective components for reducing fluid loss

CMCs and the closely related Gabroil® PAC products are cost-effective components for reducing fluid loss. They can also improve viscosity and the shale inhibitive properties of the drilling fluid.

Gabroil PAC - polyanionic cellulose

Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) has been developed to meet the increasing demand placed on polymers that has pushed the adaptability of CMCs to their limits in certain circumstances.The Staflo and Gabroil PAC’s are the product of choice in high electrolyte containing systems. They are designed to take into account factors such as solids content, clay stabilization, formation damage and temperature stability.

Our Gabroil grades

We provide purified and semi-purified Gabroil PAC grades. All are suitable for use in any type of aqueous mud, from fresh to salt types.

  • Gabroil PAC Hivis and Gabroil PAC Lovis offer excellent cost/performance and can be used in severe electrolyte containing systems.

  • Gabroil HV and Gabroil LV are suitable for use under less severe conditions or where economic aspects dominate.

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