Gabrosa™ for various water-based formulations

The Gabrosa™ grades are high quality viscosifiers for your water-based formulations. They are used in many different applications such as drilling, adhesives, ceramics and paper.

Gabrosa is the tradename for our sodium carboxymethyl cellulose ethers (NaCMC or simply CMC) for use in various applications and industries.

Oilfield Drilling

Gabrosa CMCs and the closely related PACs are vital components for reducing fluid loss. Depending on the grade, they can also make an important contribution to the viscosity and the shale inhibitive properties of the drilling fluid.

We are proud to offer a full range of technical Gabrosa grades to meet the demands of different drilling fluid systems:

  • Gabrosa EHV Tech is an efficient viscosifier which also has a positive effect on fluid loss retention. It meets both the OCMA DFCP-7 specification and the API specification for drilling CMC HV grades.
  • Gabrosa HV Tech is a medium viscosity grade with the same fluid loss properties as Gabrosa LV Tch, but also produces instant viscosity increase without the risk of over-treatment.
  • Gabrosa LV Tech is known for its excellent fluid loss reduction properties. It meets both the OCMA-DFCP 2 specification and the specification for CMC LV grades.
  • Gabrosa SP/HV-B is a unique, extremely high viscosity CMC grade. It is used to upgrade bentonite quality or in formulations as bentonite extender.

Wallpaper adhesives

Our Gabrosa grades are also excellent for use in a wide range of other applications, such as wallpaper adhesives. Gabrosa is produced by reacting cellulose with sodium monochloroacetate to give a water soluble CMC with excellent adhesion properties. A variety of grades are available with excellent handling and adhesion properties designed to deal with all kinds of wallpaper and surfaces.

Gabrosa adhesives can be applied easily with a brush or pasting machine, exhibit excellent wet tack and (re)positioning properties, and have a more than sufficient open time with strong adhesion to all kinds of surfaces.

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