Our Staflo® grades are high-performance PAC polymers for water-based drilling fluids. They are vital for reducing fluid loss.

PAC (polyanionic cellulose) polymers reduce fluid loss in drilling and, depending on the grade, they can also make an important contribution to the viscosity and shale inhibitive properties of the drilling fluid.

Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) has been designed to take into account factors such as low solids content, clay stabilization, formation damage and temperature stability.

Nouryon provides purified and semi-purified PAC grades known as Staflo®. All grades are suitable for use in any type of aqueous mud, from fresh to salt types.

Premium PACs like Exio, with 99% active material, outperform most of the other PACs with regard to fluid-loss reduction, viscosity contribution and shale inhibition, with little effect on the rheology of the system.

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