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Nouryon launches ingredient to optimize multicolor paint formulations

Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) has launched an innovative multifunctional ingredient, Bermocoll EBM 3000, which optimizes the performance of water-based multicolor paints used on building facades to mimic the appearance of stone or marble.

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals relaunched as Nouryon

With a wide range of surfactants, chelate chemistries, cellulosic and nanotechnology, we work with customers to create a broad portfolio of solutions specific to their oilfield applications. Read the full article in the Pipeline Oil and Gas News online issue.

Studying plans to build world-class EHEC plant

AkzoNobel's Specialty Chemicals business is studying plans to build a world-class plant for its Bermocoll® business, which supplies essential ingredients for the paint and buildings and construction industries.