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Encapsulated rosin

ELOTEX® ERA200 is a highly active, efflorescence-reducing and hydrophobizing additive in powder form based on natural resin technology. ELOTEX® ERA200 is efficient against primary and secondary efflorescence caused by the precipitation of water soluble salts on the surface of mineral binder. It acts as a multifunctional additive with several efflorescence-preventing mechanisms, which serve to reduce capillary connectivity, the size of efflorescence forming crystals, and water permeability. ELOTEX® ERA200 maintains the aesthetics of building materials over time. Besides its efflorescence-reducing effect, it shows excellent wetting and mixing properties, as well as improvements in colour stability and brightness. Furthermore, it improves mortar rheology and increases surface hydrophobicity. ELOTEX® ERA200 is easy to dose with very low dust formation.

  • Product name

  • Brand

  • Chemical family

    Encapsulated rosin
  • Regional availability

    Africa, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America
  • Applications

    Tile grouts (cement based); renders (cement): base coats, top coats (skim coats), one coat (monocouche); floor levelling compounds; brick layer mortars / stencil mortars. For any additional applications please contact your local consultant.

Market Segments

Building & Construction


  • Water resistance,
  • Efflorescence Reduction


  • Grouts,
  • Joint Fillers,
  • Plastering,
  • Construction