CMC is an anionic water soluble polymer derived from the world’s most abundant polymer – cellulose. It functions as a thickener, binder, stabilizer, protective colloid, suspending agent, gelling agent, and flow control agent. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of industries.

We have produced carboxymethyl cellulose, CMC, since 1948 and our brands are recognized worldwide. They provide dependability and value to a wide range of industries.

For the food and beverage industry, Akucell® is a trusted brand name that delivers the right consistency and taste. Products in our Depramin® range are used as depressants in flotation systems, and our Peridur® brands provide binding and pelletizing benefits to mining and other industries.

In addition, our Staflo®, Gabroil® and Gabrosa® products represent a comprehensive range of CMC and PAC grades to control fluid loss and provide rheology to the oil and gas drilling industry.

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Staflo® Premium PAC Grades

High purity PAC grades for water-based drilling fluids – vital for reducing fluid loss.

Peridur® Cellulose Ethers

Organic binder for agglomeration of iron ore pellets

Gabrosa™ CMC Cellulose Ethers

High-quality viscosifier for drilling, adhesives, paper, paint and ceramics.

Gabroil® PAC Cellulose Ethers

Gabroil HV and Gabroil LV are suitable for use under less severe conditions or where economic aspects dominate

Depramin® CMC Cellulose Ethers

Polymeric depressants for application in mineral froth flotation.

Bermocell® CMC Cellulose Ethers

A high quality CMC used to create thick water-based paints with excellent stability.

Akucell® Cellulose Gum

Improves any kind of processed food formulations

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Related Applications

Wallpaper Adhesives

Better wallpaper adhesion with Gabrosa sodium carboxymethyl cellulose


Reliable Bermocoll® and Bermocell® rheology solutions for paint and coatings


Improve purity of valuable minerals and get a positive effect on downstream processes.

Health & Personal Care

Akucell anionic water-soluble polymers improve wound care and cosmetics


Akucell® cellulose gum is a widely used ingredient for beverages and processed food.


High-performance polymers for water-based drilling fluids

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